Heated pipelines, like steam and condensation pipelines for district heating operators, are the main arteries for ensuring the supply of district heating for industry and private households.

Internal corrosion is a major problem for all operators of district heating systems, also known as “open systems”, in which oxygen-enriched water is used. Over time, internal corrosion ultimately causes the pipelines to rust through and leads to the sudden and complete failure of the heating system. These annually recurring repairs to the pipelines lead to rising costs for pipe network operators.

THUECON® CEM 40 F was developed more than ten years ago to fight this corrosive problem and is still used today to successfully protect many kilometres of pipelines.

THUECON® CEM 40 F is an elastic, mineral corrosion protection system that is applied to the interior pipe wall through centrifuging. It can withstand temperatures up to 180°C and can easily accommodate longitudinal expansions in the pipe.

THUECON® CEM 40 F Mineral coating system for hot water pipelines / district heating pipes

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