PNEUCON is a mineral coating system for wastewater facilities, sewage pipes and manholes.

Wastewater treatment systems like sewage treatment plants, pump stations, steel and concrete pipes are exposed to various impacts. Besides mechanical stresses e.g. by abrasive solids in wastewater, chemical impacts are especially detrimental for steel and concrete surfaces where they cause severe corrosion damage. PNEUCON was developed for the protection of these particular facilities.

The outstanding features of PNEUCON are:
-monolithic composite with mineral substrates
-a combination of water-steam permeability and water-pressure proofness
-permanent adhesive power even at high capillary pressure
-high resistance against biogenic sulfuric acid corrosion
-applicability to solid rusty steel surfaces
-small layer thicknesses of 2 mm
-environmentally friendly, solvent-free and low in pollutants

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